Custom Awnings and More...

Commercial Products

If you're looking to bring in the consumer, why not catch their eye as they're passing by. With Taylor Made awnings you will not only get them to stop, but you'll also get them to thinking.

With bright back-lit awnings you'll make a statement. There is a variety of bright colors available. All back-lit awnings are graphics receptive. Some of the fabrics are eradicable so these can be even more dramatic.

If your needs are more on the practical side and you just need signage, awnings can do that for you. We can design what you need and put the finishing touch to your buildings exterior, whether it's over your front window, door or you need an entrance canopy.

If your building front faces South or West you may need something that's functional, an entrance canopy or retractable awning over your showroom windows.

A number of architects are incorporating awnings into their designs. With the all welded frames made today you can do just about anything. There is no limit to shape, colors or textures in today's awning design. Our custom made internal frame awnings are made to stay up on your building year round.